Export Active Directory Group Members

Use Case

Exporting list of distribution group members for review.

Export Active Directory group membership from a single group to CSV


  • Change “Name of Group” to the actual group name
  • Specify a valid export path and filename. Ensure the folder exists

PowerShell One-Liner Command

Get-ADGroupMember -identity “Name of Group” | select-object name | Export-csv -path C:\Export\GroupMembers.csv -NoTypeInformation

Export membership of multiple Active Directory Groups. Input CSV; export to separate CSV’s


  • Specify a valid CSV path for import. Ensure the column header in the input CSV reads “Groups”, as shown below:
  • Specify a valid export path. Ensure the folder exists. Don’t include a trailing “\” in the export path


$Date = Get-Date -UFormat "%m-%d-%Y-%R"

$CSV = import-CSV "C:\temp\Groups.csv"

$ExportPath = "C:\Temp\Groups"

foreach ($Group in $CSV.Groups)
    Get-ADGroupMember -identity $Group | Select-Object name | Export-csv -path $ExportPath\$Group-$Date.csv -NoTypeInformation

Additional Notes

  • Command\script will return list of users, computers, and groups that are a member of a group.

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